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Зоя Васильевна Муравьева. 110 лет со дня рождения

Московская Музыкальная школа № 31 имени М.М. Ипполитова-Иванова

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莫斯科音乐学院 教授·根纳季·尼古拉耶维奇·罗日杰斯特文斯基

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Opinions of a musician about cooperation with a conductor

Поздравление от Мэра Москвы

Благодарственное письмо Правительства Москвы

Роман Моисеев об Агентстве Vida Atr Management

ОБЩЕСТВЕННЫЕ СОВЕТЫ при Федеральных органах власти

Conductor Roman Moiseyev

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Роман Моисеев с Геннадием Рождественским на экзаменах в Московской  консерватори

The conductor Roman Moiseyev used to attend as an intern my class at the Moscow Conservatoire. He displayed a number of valuable professional qualities, such as bright emotionality, true sense of style, well-developed performance energy and manual technique easily perceived by the artists of the orchestra. I highly recommend Roman Moiseyev for the position of the conductor of symphony orchestra...

Gennady Rozhdestvensky.
Professor of The Moscow P.I.Tchaikovsky


  1. Nowadays Roman Moiseyev is a well-known Russian musician. His concerts are always characterized by the highest professionalism and enjoy well-deserved success. The Federal Agency for Culture and Cinematography recommends R. Moiseyev for work with symphony orchestra...

  2. M. Kobakhidze. Chief of the Modern Art Department. The Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

I am quite pleased with what I heard and saw. Excellent musical talent, interesting phrasing, respectable moderate rubato, very satisfactory feeling for ensemble, exhaustive technical arsenal featuring certain effective techniques... , but the main thing is his strong ability to influence the orchestra. I was delighted to watch his absolutely wonderful, comprehensible hands. This somehow reminds me of Kitaenko.

Murad Annamamedov. Art Director and Principal Conductor of Yaroslavl Academic Symphony Orchestra.

Роман Моисеев о дирижировании и музыкальном образовании

Roman Moiseyev:
- about Conducting and Musical Education.

  1. For administration and artists of the Far Eastern Symphony Orchestra Philharmonic, your skills and experience are particularly valuable. Your deep knowledge and leadership style helped to implement in the current concert season scheduled program. Expressing appreciation, we look forward to continuing our creative business relations.

  2. A. Emelyanov. General Director of Khabarovsk regional Philharmonic.

Tchaikovsky and Weniawski sounded together at the Donetsk Philharmonic! All thanks to maestro Roman Moiseyev! The music performed, the dedication of the conductor and the musicians of the orchestra make it possible to call the concert grandiose and large-scale. Thanks to Roman Yuryevich for the visit, professionalism, devotion to art and talent! Great Music wins!

A. Paretsky.
General Director and Artistic Director
of the Donetsk Academic Philharmonic

Роман Моисеев

  1. Bravo to Roman Moiseyev.
  2. G. Kapitonov.
    Concertmaster of the Viola group
    of the E. Svetlanov State Symphony Orchestra.

I really liked the gesture of conductor Roman Moiseyev. Such restrained, without excessive expression and without excessive fine motor skills, stateliness is felt. Music is born deeply and is ahead of the real sound. Thank you for the emotions experienced during the concert!!! Bravo!!!

N. Prilutskaya. Musician of the Donetsk Philharmonic Orchestra. Winner of the international competitions.



His quiet and confident manner of communicating with the orchestra, precise inner fullness of gesture, powerful and mild imperiousness of his conductor energy and out of the common musician temperament are capable of turning the orchestra into that whole ensemble that coped with the challenges of the performed program.

E. Kravchenko.
Musical observer of the Belgorod Philarmonic.


Roman Moiseyev

The Teachers

Public Chamber RF
Public Chamber of the Russian Federation

Yaron Kohlberg and Roman Moiseyev with The Bombay Chamber Orchestra

  1. Yes, great concert! And it's a pleasure to work with the conductor - a professional and first-class musician!

    Victoria Goncharova-Vaskovskaya.
    Associate Professor of Donetsk National

The Queen of Spades was played on June 16... The young Mongolian singer Dolgor called it, "Wonderful, fantastic!" Burenbekh, Artistic Director of the Mongolian Opera, who cut short his holiday for the sake of The Queen of Spades, congratulated his colleague, conductor and director Roman Moiseyev, backstage: "...this production has it all at the very highest level, both musically and in entertainment!.

O. Baraeva. The Pravda Buryatia newspaper.
Mongolian Tour.

While watching the rehearsals conducted by Roman Moiseyev, one can reveal a lot of interesting aspects of his talent. He is very attentive to intonation, strongly opposes any rhythmic carelessness, steadily works on articulation and builds up the musical form.

T. Sukhova. The Maikopskie Novosti newspaper.
Republic of Adygea.


The choir and orchestra conducted by Roman Moiseyev showed a perceptible and expressive piano. Their forte was characterized by warm and lush tones, as it should be in the early XVII century music. Precise sounds, rich timbre, true understanding of the style - all these qualities were present in the performance.

G. Yudin. Conductor and Composer.
Music Life Magazine. Moscow.


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